Surry Ground Steak Trail

The Surry Ground Steak Trail highlights a heritage food served in restaurants and burger joints in Surry County, North Carolina. 

Ground steak is a melt-in-your-mouth variation of the hamburger which came about during the Great Depression when local cooks devised a way to increase the amount of food that could be derived from a pound of ground beef or ground chuck.

Ground steak hooks you from the first bite with a tender and juicy flavor that is unmistakable. Although similar in consistency, ground steak is not to be confused with a sloppy joe, which is spicier and made with ketchup or Worcestershire sauce. Ground steak is also different from a sloppy joe in that it is served in multiple ways, including on thick bread slices, as well as entrée-style on a plate without the bun.

Born from necessity during the tough economic times of the 1930s, this culinary treat survived thanks to its simplicity, tastiness and popularity at eateries in the Surry County towns of Mount Airy, Pilot Mountain, Dobson and Elkin.

The Surry Ground Steak Trail spotlights 11 places that serve ground steak on their everyday menu. Come experience what locals have known for nearly a century – there’s something special about eating fresh ground steak that comes straight from the skillet to your table.

A free map to the Surry Ground Steak Trail can be downloaded by clicking here.

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